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    Daegu Wooridul
  • Telephone 82-53-212-3000
  • E-mail dgwooridul@naver.com
  • Address 648, Gukchaebosang-ro, Jung-gu, Daegu
  • (Next to the National Debt Reward Memorial Park / in front of Daegu City Hall)
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    우리들병원 전경
    Recognized globally for its unrivaled excellence, Wooridul Hospital is a hospital which has specialized in spine treatments for 39 years operating departments specializing in neurosurgery, orthopedics, rehabilitation, anesthesiology, radiology and internal medicine.
    Introduction of Hospital
    Wooridul Hospital is a world leader in spinal therapy.
    With over 39 years of experience in treating spines, our medical staff are able to provide patients with the best medical services utilizing state-of-the-art medical devices (surgical microscopes, endoscopes). Minimally Invasive spine treatment techniques allows for the preservation of healthy tissue while removing infected areas. We will do our best to give back healthy lives to our patients. Our international center provides treatments to patients suffering from spine related conditions.
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    • Hospital Introduction
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    • Treatment Method
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    Professional treatment
    • Neuroplasty
      Inflammation of the nerve,
      adhesiolysis of the nerve region.
    • Balloon dilation
      Adhesiolysis for balloon
      of a narrowed spinal canal.
    • Lower endoscopic
      Laser decompression
      of the painful area with direct
      viewing of the disc and nerve.
    • Endoscopic
      Adhesion removal and laser
      decompression with
      an endoscope.
    • Endoscopic laser
      lumbar disc surgery
      Keeping only normal
      disc nucleus tissue with removal
      only damaged areas.
    • Endoscopic
      removal of the ligamentum flavum
      Method of treatment with removal
      only damaged areas,
      with safe endoscopic control.
    Neuroplasty Percutaneous endoscopic lumbar discectomy PELD Endoscopic removal of the ligamentum flavum
    Spine treatement system
    Daegu Wooridul Hospital maximizes the treatment success rate
    through accuratediagnosis and step-by-step therapy considering the
    patient's condition.
    · 5-step precision diagnosis system
    · Success
    · 8-step spine treatment system
    Step 8
    Radical correction
    spine (Radical correction of spine)
    Step 7
    Minimally invasive transverse
    surgery (Mini-deformity surgery)
    Step 6
    Minimally invasive fusion
    (Mini-anterrior fusion, Mini-posterior fusion)
    Step 5
    Spine surgery with preservation of mobility
    Artificial disc replacement, ligamentoplasty,
    fixation of ducts (Intraspine)
    Step 4
    Microscopic microsurgery
    (Microscopic spinal decompression)
    OLM, OLD
    Step 3
    Endoscopic surgery for treatment
    root causes (Endoscopic spinal procedure)
    Step 2
    Spinal injections with needles (Microscopic spinal decompression)
    Spine injections, neuropore injections, neuroprotection, neuroplasty,
    examination of a high-frequency laser disc (plastic core of the disc,
    annulus fibrosus, plastic surgery)
    Step 1
    Conservative treatment (Conservative treatment)
    Physiotherapy, exercise therapy, posture correction,
    manual therapy, pharmacotherapy
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    324-hour translation service
    4Inpatient menu (European cuisine)
    5Registration form, required documents, medical certificate
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